Notes on Documentary Filmmaking Theory

Documentary Filmmaking Theory

Here are some tips from a favorite book of mine “Introduction to Documentary Production – a guide for media students”. In Chapter 8, Editing non fiction and Documentary Film:


Reply to Scammers

If you’ve ever been a part of the circus and you’re a guy then you’ve probably gotten a lot of email from scammer, spammer and general “right old slapper” types saying something like:

[This is what one gal wrote …..]

OS X Virtual desktops

What’s a virtual desktop you may ask. Right now, all the windows that you have open are sitting on one desktop so to speak, just imagine having another computer monitor to your left with say just your mail client open and another screen to your right with say your finder open and an ftp client window open. If you’ve ever seen this in action you’ll know that adding monitors creates one big desktop so to speak or splits your desktop up into 3 sections. It’s nice to just be able to jump to say an FTP client that is neatly aligned next to say ones finder window without having to cmd-tab through a list of all your windows.


MacWorld 2006 NEWS – New Intel PowerBook and iMac!

Ok Mac Cult members the wait is over, here are the new announcements from the 2006 Macworld expo in Sanfran. Yet again Mr J. has stumped us all with the announcement of a new PowerBook not iBook as expected! You gotta love the tagline for the new announcement clearly displayed on the top of front page of the website “What’s an Intel chip doing in a Mac? A Whole lot more than it’s ever done in a PC!”


MacWorld Expo 2006 New – Tell me, tell me NOW!

It’s 11.31am Mountain time here in Colorado and I haven’t heard a bloody peep from the Macworld Expo regarding the “Big News” that every Mac geek has been salivating over for the past six months. Christ on a Bike! is it now 2006 or what – how about a live video feed, or low tech audio feed Mr Jobs? All the major Mac news sites like ThinkSecret and are down, thanks to frantic searchers like myself. In the name of all thing good and unholy TELL US, TELL US NOW!! I’m now searching – nuffin! Oh sweet God and baby Jesus how long has a bloke to wait! Do I have to phone a friend of a friend who lives in The Haight and get em to stroll down the hill to the expo with a cellphone in hand?

Early Morning Rainbows

Here is a photo that I snapped from outside my front door one morning this week as I was getting ready to go ski.