Reply to Scammers

If you’ve ever been a part of the circus and you’re a guy then you’ve probably gotten a lot of email from scammer, spammer and general “right old slapper” types saying something like:

[This is what one gal wrote …..]


Your profile cought my eye and I’d like to get to know you better. Since I am not often to the site please write me at Cannot wit to hear back from you sooner.


My Reply ……

No, no, I really feel we should communicate using the email system until I know you are legit (not some dodgy scammer from the Ukraine). I think I may love you and want to have your babies but let’s just see how things go first, ok. Can you meet me on the corner of 2nd and Lubb street at 9pm tonight? I will be the bloke in the skimpy little dress and heels, don’t worry as you will easily recognize me by my full beard and Cabbage -tree hat. I’m also take a fancy to sporting a red Burka these days so I should be pretty easy to spot.



Still more – July 2006

It happened suddenly that I saw your profile and I couldnt stand from writing

to you. I will be very happy to get to know you better.

Life is a very complicated thing. And you never know what will happen one day.

People could meet and understand they were meant for each other. And they could

live a happy life together for the rest of the life. Or they could be

lonely for long time and be afraid to have new relations. So I dont want to

miss a chance of my life and find a person I could live with and have strong

and happy family with.

I would really like to know more about you. Hope you too. So, please, ask me any

questions you have and I will gladly answer them. As soon as I get your

reply, I will tell you more about myself, my life, my interests.

Have a nice day!

I am waiting impatiently for your reply.

Actually I live in Ru_s_s_ia. I was mistaken when filled a profile.

I hope in it there is nothing terrible and you don’t afraid Russian woman!

I promise you will not be disappointed!!!

Please, don’t make me wait for long.:-)


reply me at

Please see my pics

(the girl in the photos is hot! yeah right this is the person behind the email – NOT!)