Boulder RightSizing – a solution to the contentious issue!

So while things boil out of control in Eastern Ukraine, tens of thousands still die of malaria and the Middle East, well, it’s a right balls up, Boulder CO too is facing its very only crisis. First we had a consultant hired by the city using the F-word in public, yes that’s right and now… Continue reading Boulder RightSizing – a solution to the contentious issue!

Shoe Bomber & Underpants Bomber mugshots

Every time you begrudgingly remove your shoes for the nice TSA man at airport security send a bad though Mr Reid’s way! Now when you’re stripped down to your skivvies, send another nasty thought the Underpants Bomber’s way too!!

McCain refers to supporters as “Fellow Prisoners” – WTF!

At a rally on Wed, John McCain referred to his supporters as “fellow prisoners” Is our old pal still fantasizing about bygone games of “whoops, I’ve dropped the soap” and “prison rodeo sans horses”? I am seriously thinking of starting a new group for this old codger, “Convicts for Mc Cain”.

YouTube Bans Naked Pumpkin Run Video – Bad YouTube!

I was informed today, Nov 8th, that my 2007 Naked Pumpkin Run Video has been pulled from YouTube. I logged onto my account and sure enough I saw the words “Rejected (content inappropriate)” next to it!

YouTube you suck, no really, It’s OK to publish wanton acts of Violence, rip long scenes from bootlegged DVDs and issue a message to the world before you go and shoot your mates in the school yard but nudity, well have none of that!

Corporate Sexual Harassment Training Video

On a serous note: We had a meeting at work today and the difficult topic of sexual harassment came up. I really had a new understanding of the subject after watching a short video on the subject (the creators were kind enough to have posted an online version) I think as men we should all be aware of this kind of behavior and and try our best to be gentlemen at all times. I encourage you to forward this to as many guys as possible and let’s help stamp out this kind of antisocial behavior for good!