Boulder RightSizing – a solution to the contentious issue!

So while things boil out of control in Eastern Ukraine, tens of thousands still die of malaria and the Middle East, well, it’s a right balls up, Boulder CO too is facing its very only crisis. First we had a consultant hired by the city using the F-word in public, yes that’s right and now this ……. rightsizing!

No one gives a royal in Boulder when the cops to shoot the odd aggressive elk or kills a few high CU students or arrests folks on the Pearl St. Mall for mass streaking late at night on Halloween with trumped up sex-offender chargers – but mess with their roads and they’ll be hell to pay!

So it was with no surprise that rioting broke out when a well meaning project that widened the bike lanes along Folsom Ave taking away a lane in each direction got underway – rioting, well figuratively speaking that is – the city council received a numerous emails complaining about the project and the folks who infest the local newspaper’s online comments section, over 60s, republican leaning retirees found time between checking their Scottrade accounts and watching Fox News to also write up a storm on the inter-webs.

So feast your eyes on the video below, an eloquent solution to a most pressing and serious Boulder problem!