YouTube Bans Naked Pumpkin Run Video – Bad YouTube!

I was informed today, Nov 8th, that my 2007 Naked Pumpkin Run Video has been pulled from YouTube. I logged onto my account and sure enough I saw the words “Rejected (content inappropriate)” next to it!

YouTube you suck, no really, It’s OK to publish wanton acts of Violence, rip long scenes from bootlegged DVDs and issue a message to the world before you go and shoot your mates in the school yard but nudity, well have none of that!

YouTube you are now officially on my shit list and I will get as much press about this as possible. What is so wrong with the naked human body YouTube? YouTube you are going the way of the Dinosaur, no wonder I choose to host all of my content on

Update – I’ve put it back up!

To hell with you YouTube, I’ve put the footage back up!!