Get video shot with Casio Exilim camera to work in iMovie 08

A friend got this camera to take to India and shoot video. We ran into a show stopper on the Mac using iMovie 08. Video shot with this camera will not work (you can’t import it / grayed out) when using iMovie 08. The problem relates to the sound. You’ll have to convert each movie you shoot first and then import it to iMoive 08. I used Quick Time Pro to convert each movie.

See my post on apple discussions for ways to fix the problem —

Come on Casio!

Come on Casio, put out a fix or let folks know that this product won’t work with iMovie 08. It’s not a huge deal but if you have a mondo memory card (4 gigs ) and shoot a 100 or show short videos you’ll have to convert each one separately! -This is a deal breaker for me and I won’t be buying this camera for this very reason.