Winmail.dat attachments issue with Apple Mail

It blows my mind that here in 2015 we are still having problems with the old WinMail.dat attachment issue. It stems from the fact that MicrosoftLookOut err,  Outlook still uses a proprietary  format for its email attachments. There is a workaround which I will link to here for Outlook uses  to tweak their settings that it seems to… Continue reading Winmail.dat attachments issue with Apple Mail

How to block any phone number on your iPhone for free – say bye bye to unwanted calls and telemarketers

The following is a somewhat clunky workaround for ATT cellphone subscribers with LOCKED iPhones to block specific telephone numbers. This was a simple solution to my battle against a particular nasty Telemarketing / Travel Company called E Tour and Travel. You too may have a number you’d like to block; a disgruntled ex, a bailiff… Continue reading How to block any phone number on your iPhone for free – say bye bye to unwanted calls and telemarketers

Iphone 3G – New Iphone July 11th

New-Iphone-GPS.pngThe new Iphone is here, not really new more of an evolution than revolution. In the bottom line department the new iPhone is gonna be 1/2 the cost just $199 compared to the $400 I paid for the 8 gig model, ouch (the price of early adoption). The data rate when you’re not on wifi is now 3G as apposed to slow 56k pokey Edge so 1700kbps vs the 200kbos of edge. GPS is now built in also a nice feature.

Cell Phone do not call list. Urban Ledgends and other guff.

A mate of mine recently forwarded an email claiming that a directory of cell phone numbers will soon be published and presumably made available to anyone, including telemarketers. All recipients were encouraged to call 888-382-1222 and have their number added to the do no call list.

MacWorld Expo 2006 New – Tell me, tell me NOW!

It’s 11.31am Mountain time here in Colorado and I haven’t heard a bloody peep from the Macworld Expo regarding the “Big News” that every Mac geek has been salivating over for the past six months. Christ on a Bike! is it now 2006 or what – how about a live video feed, or low tech audio feed Mr Jobs? All the major Mac news sites like ThinkSecret and are down, thanks to frantic searchers like myself. In the name of all thing good and unholy TELL US, TELL US NOW!! I’m now searching – nuffin! Oh sweet God and baby Jesus how long has a bloke to wait! Do I have to phone a friend of a friend who lives in The Haight and get em to stroll down the hill to the expo with a cellphone in hand?