Winmail.dat attachments issue with Apple Mail

How many times have we all seen this ....... and now there is a fix
How many times have we all seen this ……. and now there is a fix

It blows my mind that here in 2015 we are still having problems with the old WinMail.dat attachment issue. It stems from the fact that MicrosoftLookOut err,  Outlook still uses a proprietary  format for its email attachments. There is a workaround which I will link to here for Outlook uses  to tweak their settings that it seems to me that perhaps Microsoft should just fix the problem. Of course Microsoft assumes that everybody in the universe sends emails with Microsoft outlook. The main problem is that a lot of email accounts today all web-based and don’t support this attachment Standard or should I say nonstandard.

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Windows 7 Update Error – Code 8024402F Update encountered an unknown error!

Just finished Installing Windows 7 Enterprise on an older Lenovo Thinkpad T400, I was impressed how clean of an install I ended up with. No cluttered desktop with a mass icons that hide trial based crappy software., God this is the way to go but alas 99% of us plebs will never end up with an Enterprise disk or install! (I recently got to use a newer Lenovo with a factory windows 7 install from and the crap where is still there!!)

When I tried to do a Windows Update I got a nasty surprise; Code 8024402F windows Update encountered an unknown error. Windows provided a help link that yielded no info on the code. Searching the interTubes I came across folks who have been having this error from Vista days, yikes! I finally stumbled across this article that initially talked about esoteric fixes such as adjusting the clock but buried towards the end of the post was the fix! Turn off active-X filter on your router!! I went over to my router’s web interface and found the setting (Security Tab > Firewall) and unchecked the box. Sure enough Windoes now happily ran it’s updates and downloaded a 200Mb update without any problems.

So there you go! Not sure if this will help you and not sure if most standard routers even filter Active-X (I have an old hacked Linksys running DD-WRT firmware so you could say I was a bit of a router aficionado.) The thing that gets me is I’m sure the error message could of been a bit less cryptic; something like “Network error” or “Active-X error” would of gotten me closer to the problem.

But, I have to say that the Window 7 Enterprise Editions install ran flawlessly on this 3 year old Lenovo and I am loving playing around with Windows 7 in it’s uncluttered state and yes, that is quite a statement coming from a Mac guy!