When it comes to love and dating are we too fussy? Has

I just read this great article in the Washington Post on how we’ve become too fussy when it comes to choosing a mate. I was wondering what people’s deal breakers were – what action or mannerism will make you call things off on say the third date? The Washington Post article lists some funnies; one guy made an inappropriate comment about a woman’s shoes and another disliked his potential life partner’s enthusiasm toward mayonnaise and Taquitos from 7-Eleven (well just look at them!!)

My top 10 deal breakers: (I wrote this list in 2006 so as of 2009 it may be slightly different :))

1) You voted for Bush – not much more I can say on this topic (Christ was Kerry that bad!)

2) Trumpet like flatulence

3) General nastiness and grumpiness

4) Selfishness – a count of how many times the word I or me is used in a 15 min. period. Over 25 and I’m outa here!

5) Manliness – inability to look at least somewhat feminine some of the time

6) Excessive makeup and pre-activity preparation

7) Bossiness – I’m all for the strong willed fiery types but a bossy demeanor without the awareness of it is not gonna score any points

8) Ignorance – “I don’t read the newspaper” and “Where are you from, South America?” (Note/Hint: I am NOT from a continent I’m from a country. The country is east of South America, across the ocean and down at the very bottom!)

9) You don’t get my jokes or silly humor

10) I send you 5 emails in a row and don’t hear a peep from you (Ok so perhaps not 5 but if were dating even casually extended periods of radio silence from the phone or interwebs are a bad sign especially if your dating your best friend)

Remember that my list is more of a theoretical exercize and who really ever gets exactly what they want! – I dated a girl for 6 months who voted for Bush! OK, now it’s your turn! Enter your deal breakers (top 3, 5 ,10 or however few you want) in the comments section below. They will go into a queue where I will review and then publish them at the bottom of this page. Get to it!