Thank you Richard “Bloody” Reid!

Thank you “Richard Bloody Reid”, thank you! I am referring to the fellow Brit with the same first name who tried to unsuccessful (thank god) blow up his sneakers while on board a transatlantic flight from the UK to the US in 2006. Because of you, you silly wanker!, tens of millions of us here in the US have to take off our shoes at airport security check points!

This got me thinking – if a terrorist managed to stick some high explosives up his or her butt and was caught trying to light them would tens of millions of us now be subject to anal cavity searches. I got to thinking this while waiting in line at DIA on a recent trip to Chicago. I have to admit it’s some what inconvenient to take off ones shoes (cold smelly feet, brightly colored socks etc.) but shite, the thought of us all having to drop trou (in the tens of millions) was quite alarming!

I can see it now, rows of little private curtained inspection boothes, “please sir, touch your toes”, “thank you” …. So please, buddies of Richard Reid, don’t even think about it OK!