Amateur Storm Chasing – Banned by The Discovery Channel – A YouTube sensation!

This three part mini documentary follows two amateur tornado chasers as they race around Eastern Colorado in search of tornados. After the documentary had been reviewed and rejected by The Discovery Channel an anonymous employee describe the pair as “clueless, ill equipped, foul mouthed wankers!”. Follow their hilarious antics that end in inevitable failure, thousands of dollars of damage to property and irreparable damage to their egos.

There are two versions of the documentary below. A shorter, edited down 10 minute version then a longer 22 minute version that is broken up into 3 parts.  

To see bigger sized versions of movies below click here.


Short 10 min Version

This is a short 10 minute version edited down for YouTube.

Part 1

See the science behind the craft of “Storm Chasing” and watch the two embark on their epic journey.



Part 2

Hot on the trail of the twister they head out of Greeley, CO towards the eastern plains.

Part 3

In final part of this exciting series watch the storm chasers mission go horribly wrong.