VESA Screw sizes for TV mount

The size screws you need to mount your TV mount to your new TV will depend on the size of your TV.  They are metric and will be either M4, M6 or M8. My  65 inch TV Sony came with M6 screws but because my TV mount (see image below) has big holes they needed a washer so it appeared they were not long enough. Here an article  on the Sony website about “Compatible wall-mount brackets and screw hole patterns”. 

I got this table from Sony but it appears to be outdated as my hole pattern on the back of my TV is 300mm x 300mm and not listed below. Also my 65 inch tv has M6 not M8 screws / holes! Way to go billion dollar company on outdated support docs! 

I ended up getting some slightly longer M6 screws 18mm vs 12mm and carriage washers from my local hardware store for $8 ouch! 

Screen Size (inches) VESA Specification (A*B) Standard Screw
19-22 75 x 75
100 x 100
23-29 200 x 100 M4
30-40 200 x 200 M6
45-55 400 x 400 M8
57-65 600 x 400 M8
70-80 800 x 400 M8
80-larger 1400 x 800 M8

Tv Mounts – $$$ or $?

Monoprice is your friend when it comes to TV wall mounts. You don’t have to pay $350 for the official Sony Mount! The monoprice mount I have been using that is good for up to 99lb was just $29. The only downside was the built in level in the middle of the mount that was not actually level. A TV mount is just a piece of metal so why pay more. Another caveat was the piss poor quality of the lag bolts supplied by Monoprice. I suggest replacing them.

Lag Bolts

The general consensus is to purchase your own higher quality lag bolts rather than using the ones that Monoprice supplies free with the mount. Installing lag bolts sucks, you have to drill a hole the exact diameter and exact length for the lag bolt to fit in. I found a lazy alternative by a company know for high quality blots, SPAX. I used these NO DRILL required lag bolts! I used Spax Powerlags that require no pre-drilling and come with hex (BOLT) or torix / T-star head. If you have a super heavy TV 100lb+ these may not work.