Date Presenter Title Location
9/23/2023 Prof. Michael Dubson BOOM! Duane Physics G1B30
10/28/2023 Chris or Mairead
Director Guill Berdiell
Chemistry labs
TBA: Chemistry of COLORS! Cristol Chemistry 140
11/18/2023 Prof. Steven Brown There’s Something in the Air Cristol Chemistry 140
12/2/2023 Prof. Eleanor Hodby &
Steven Pollock
& Gwen Eccles
Director of CU Boulder Physics Labs
TBA: Physics of Light & Color Duane Physics G1B30
1/27/2024 Prof. Paul Beale Much Ado About Absolute Zero Duane Physics G1B30
2/24/2024 Prof. Susan Hendrickson Batteries:
Recharge, Reuse, Recycle
Cristol Chemistry 140
3/16/2024 Prof. Wei Zhang Past, present & future of plastic
Cristol Chemistry 140
4/27/2024 Prof. Alysia Marino Electricity & Magnetism Duane Physics G1B30
5/18/2024 Prof. Eric Cornell SPEED! Duane Physics G1B30
6/29/2024 Prof. Andrew Hamilton BLACKHOLES! Fiske Planetarium
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