Free iTunes Gift Card?

Apple iTunes Free iPod, free iTunes Gift Card, free PSP, free Xbox, really! Let’s get this straight, free means you don’t have to exchange money for the items I just mentioned but you will have to exchange something. So how do these schemes work. Companies such as Rewards1,, and the like have deals with other companies such as credit card companies or cell phone carriers. So they get paid when you sign up for these services then if all goes as planned you will receive the gift. But here’s the problem with these kind of offers:

  1. Privacy, they mine your for all your personal details and then sell them hundreds of times over to the highest bidder
  2. You end up signing up for shite you don’t need or services you already have
  3. It’s take you hours and hours to cancel these services in the the end, so at the least your time is worth $50 per hour. Say it take you 10 hours of your time over the next 4 months to cancel the credit card that keeps on billing you for service charges etc. That’s $500 you’re out for a lousy $20 iTunes gift card!
  4. After jumping through all the hoops, offers, questions etc, they will tell you your new gadget is on it’s way BUT you first have to sign up 5 of your mates!

Ok so you get the picture. There is really no free lunch so just click the big banner below and buy an iTunes gift card the no hassle way. Think of the hundreds of dollars you’ll be saving :

Correction – Free Single of the weeks, free music really!

Ok, having spouted off about how here is no free lunch, iTunes does offer a “Free single of the Week”. And yes it’s free as in free beer and free lunch. See the banner below and if the artist interest you then give it ye old click:

Apple iTunes