Top Gear on iTunes – Finally! No more bittorrent ??

The-Stig-Itunes-Top-Gear.jpgThe most popular TV show in the world, Top Gear, is now available for download on iTunes music store. Join James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson in Series 10 (the latest series as of Oct 2008) as they get up to their usual car stunts, homosexual jokes, nasty comments about environmentalists, cyclists and Germans and all the other guff that makes us love / hate them so much. You’ll need a copy of the free iTunes application so if you don’t have it get it here first then click the banner below: (Note: you will need a free iTunes store account, see details below banner on how to get one for free)

Apple iTunes

How to set up an iTunes account once you have iTunes

1) Open iTunes (If you do not have iTunes, you can download it here at this link. 2) From the menus at the top Choose Store > Create Account. 3) Read through the Terms & Conditions, check the box if you agree to the terms, then click Continue. 4) Complete the form to create your free Apple ID (the login you will use with the iTunes Store). 5) Provide a valid payment method and billing address. 5)Begin shopping from the iTunes Store and get TOPGEAR ABOVE !!

My thoughts on Top Gear

By royal decree, residents of Boulder, CO are forced to throw out their TV sets and hang out in coffee shops, listening to poetry and partaking in social intercourse. I have confess I am a typical Boulderite when it comes to such things but Top Gear is my dirty little secret; it’s politically incorrect, Jeremy Clarkson is a right royal prick and for christ sakes it’s about bloody cars BUT I LOVE IT! Download an episode above and see why 300 million people round the globe watch this show each week.