Audi S4 V8 vs Subaru Sti Vs Evo VIII Video from ToP Gear

Down memory lane with some of my fav rides – me want dat S4! I love it how Jeremy compares sitting in the Evo to sitting in a bin liner! The Subie Sti is nice, the US version is a little slower but shit for every day I think I’d take the Audi over the other two Asians.

More Crazy Arab Driving – two wheels biatch!

Another classic from YouTube. See this bloke get his Benz G wagon on two wheels and drive around the UAE on public roads. It’s what they do for fun in the UAE!


Passion of Christ according to Benny Hill

For those deeply religious and devout christians among you, you are about to be deeply offended, for all others, have a good chuckle!

Benny Hinn “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”

More Benny Hinn hoonage. Here we see him doing his famous “I’m gonna push you and you fall over routine” to a thrash metal soundtrack “Let the bodies hit the floor”
If you think I’m being a little mean or somewhat down on the H man then check out his record online. He’s been investigated many times over the past 5 years by numerous TV shows such as Dateline NBC and others .

3gforfree – Free ringtones offer from and SPAM

Just got my first SMS spam from 3gforfree asking me to download an mp3 ringtone. Well chaps you now are on the Spam list and I expect I’ll give Tmobile a call. Not got any SMS spam before so I hope this is not a sign of things to come 🙁


Richard’s Dummies guide to Drupal SEO

(For Drupal development see Jacana – a Boulder Drupal Development Company) After upgrading a few of my Drupal 4.7 sites to the shiny new 5.0 distribution I felt the need to document my quest for search engine bliss. As content management systems go, Drupal is quite good out of the box (comes with sexy looking […]

What is Circuit Bending

Came across this little 5 minute video while surfing YouTube. So what the hell is Circuit Bending anyway. The official def is as follows: Circuit bending is the creative short-circuiting of electronic devices such as guitar effects, children’s toys and synthesizers to create new muscial instruments and sound generators. It’s a form of experimental electronic […]

Suggested Itineraries for Day Trips to Boulder, Colorado

Here is my list of what to do while in Boulder Colorado for a day. Most of the activities I’ve listed are within walking distance of the Pearl St. Mall


Start the morning off on a good note by taking a little stroll down the Boulder Bike pate. A good place to join the bike path is at the Boulder Public Library at Canyon Blvd. Food: Breakfast, yum. Get your hungry self on over to Q\’s located inside the historic Hotel Boulderado. For those on a budget check out Dots diner @ 1333 Broadway (on the Hill) and 2716 28th street. After breakfast head on over to the Peal St. Mall.