Benny Hinn “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”

More Benny Hinn hoonage. Here we see him doing his famous “I’m gonna push you and you fall over routine” to a thrash metal soundtrack “Let the bodies hit the floor”
If you think I’m being a little mean or somewhat down on the H man then check out his record online. He’s been investigated many times over the past 5 years by numerous TV shows such as Dateline NBC and others .

A snippet from Pandagon’s Benny Hinn Article page: But back to that Dateline report, which I remember vividly. The network has reported, for example:
– Hinn’s salary is somewhere between $500K and a million dollars per year.
– he has a $10 million seaside mansion,
– a private jet with annual operating costs of about $1.5 million (this is what is being replaced by Dove One)
– and a Mercedes SUV and convertible, valued at about $80,000 each.

On his evangelical “healing” trips, Hinn has had “layovers” between crusades piling up hotel bills ranging from $900 per night to royal suites that cost almost $3,000 for one night’s stay in lovely places such as: Hawaii, Cancun, London, and Milan.From The Theology of Benny Hinn, by Kim Riddleberger:

So without further ado, bring it on Benny, rock the house!

Music: Let the bodies hit the floor By: Drowling Pool

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