ING Direct excess Security Complaint Letter

Here is an email I just sent out to ING Direct in response to the frustration I was having recovering a lot PIN and getting hung up on by a nice customer service woman. Is it me or are online banks making it overly difficult to log in and manage our money? Well all hail the Internets and let the consumer fight back. To add a few more coals to the fire consider [inline:logo-paypal.gif] PayPal to ING – PayPal has a better interest rate – 5% vs ING Directs 4% and their website is much easier to use!

Dear Sir,

Slow Mac – Perhaps you needs some more RAM?

You’re blazing away on your lappy and then for no reason it appears to go tits up!


WiFI, Coffee and a view – The New Moon Bakery in Nederland, Colorado

With the demise of the popular coffee shop known as Acoustic Coffee and the lack of internet at the little coffee shop that’s located in a rail road car, Nederland appeared to be up the proverbial smelly creek when it came to sipping the brown stuff and surfing the Internet. Well I’m glad to report all is not lost. The space that used to house Katmandu several years ago is now home to a coffee shop and bakery (The New Moon Bakery) that boasts among other things a speedy WIFI internet connection.


Cell Phone do not call list. Urban Ledgends and other guff.

A mate of mine recently forwarded an email claiming that a directory of cell phone numbers will soon be published and presumably made available to anyone, including telemarketers. All recipients were encouraged to call 888-382-1222 and have their number added to the do no call list.

New Year’s Resolutions 2007

What are your New Years Resolutions – Phoenix has a few.