Corporate Sexual Harassment Training Video

On a serous note: We had a meeting at work today and the difficult topic of sexual harassment came up. I really had a new understanding of the subject after watching a short video on the subject (the creators were kind enough to have posted an online version) I think as men we should all be aware of this kind of behavior and and try our best to be gentlemen at all times. I encourage you to forward this to as many guys as possible and let’s help stamp out this kind of antisocial behavior for good!

Relationships – what I want!

I just deleted my sucks article and decided to put energy into writing about what I want not what I don’t want. Just got a some inspiration from watching a DVD that a friend lent me called “The Secret” that basically says we are our thoughts and that our thoughts will manifest into reality. Negative thoughts will manifest into the physical word as negative outcome and experience. Sounds somewhat New Age and wacky but I’m going to give it a try, what do I have to loose apart from my somewhat negative, glass half empty outlook I have on certain aspects of my life, especially relationships.


Ted Haggard, Evangelical preacher, drugs and gay sex

It’s just plain rotten to kick someone when they’re down but I can’t help myself when I hear news like this. Ted Haggard is one of the top evangelical leaders in the US, an outspoken opponent to gay marriage and a personal friend of the Focus on the Family chump we know and love, James Dobson. He’s just been accused of buying drugs and having gay sex with a male prostitute. What a day: the news media are ruining poor Kerry simply because he forget to add a few words to the end of a joke written by his staff and Ted Haggard is fessing up to some of what his accuser is saying regarding the drugs and sex – wow!