Some Video from Boulder’s annual Naked Pumpkin Run

The 2006 Naked Pumpkin Run has been banned by YouTube, I’m working on getting it uploaded elsewhere. But check out the 2007 Naked Pumpkin Run Video – click here or the 2008 Naked Pumpkin Run Video here. There was no run in 2009 due to a police crack down headed by Boulder’s Chief of Police Mark Beckner

I’ve lived in Boulder for 13 years but I’d never even heard of the Naked Pumpkin Run. It’s a streak down the Pearl St. Mall that takes place yearly on Halloween night. I strategically positioned myself outside Old Chicago’s with a few mates of mine and whipped out the old video camera when the brave folks ran by. It was a particularly cold night so not so good if you were a bloke (high shrinkage factor lads!)

A police car just happened to be stopped at the traffic lights at the junction of 11th and Pearl as the mass of nakedness ran by. They initially put on their flashing lights but didn’t really do much after that as you can see in the video below. I can just hear the incident report on the radio: “This is Car 123 to base, we have a mass of naked people with pumpkins on their heads heading west on Pearl, please advise, over!” Thank you naked people and come back next year!

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