Relationships – what I want!

I just deleted my sucks article and decided to put energy into writing about what I want not what I don’t want. Just got a some inspiration from watching a DVD that a friend lent me called “The Secret” that basically says we are our thoughts and that our thoughts will manifest into reality. Negative thoughts will manifest into the physical word as negative outcome and experience. Sounds somewhat New Age and wacky but I’m going to give it a try, what do I have to loose apart from my somewhat negative, glass half empty outlook I have on certain aspects of my life, especially relationships.

Ok so here goes:

  • Someone who is emotionally available, this sounds obvious but I have encountered many women who say they want a relationship but are distant or emotionally unavailable.
  • Time, time, time. You have to make time to put into the relationship. We all have careers, goals and are generally busy (especially in the US)! I understand a relationship is all about balance, just one of many things that brings us joy in life but you gotta have time to put into it. Meeting up once a week for half an hour is not gonna cut the mustard for me! I’d like to add that I’m not one of those needy people who needs a 24/7 companionship. I’m self employed and spend the majority of my day alone (apart from my pooch). I’m also more that likely to be at a coffee shop alone than with someone else.
  • Someone who will laugh at life when life is less than kind
  • Someone who is always asking questions and looking for answers
  • Someone who will compliment me, spoil me and understand me
  • A communicator, if I say something in a certain tone or do something upsetting they’ll let me know in a gentle manner, not hold the hurt inside as resentment
  • Someone whom I can look at every day and never tire of, someone who make me beam from ear to ear every time I see them (currently only one being makes me feel that way and he has four legs:) )
  • Someone who wants to settle down, shack up together, read the paper in bed on Sunday morning, make tea and eat pastries together. (Settle down does not mean that we can’t travel, spend the winter in a far off land. I might also add that I have never lived with anyone before) It’s nice to have a home base.
  • Best friend, soul mate, someone who inspires me to be a better person (Note: only I can make my self be a better person but it’s nice to have some inspiration!)
  • Someone who knows that love is tough and work (not too much work) but work none the less and is willing to go the distance with me
  • Someone who cares about others and the planet

That’s all for now, it’s just a start and so I will add more later. If you happen to know of such a person contact me via email [my email address].