Audio Books at the iTunes Music Store – kool!

The iTunes music store has tens of millions of songs and also to my delight a good selection of audio books. Remember you don’t need an Ipod or even a Mac to download and listen to music from the Itunes music store

Thank’s Bin Laden – another reason to take him off your christmans card list!

In an article in the Washington D.C. newspaper, The Examiner, Bush is reported to of said that the video tape released the Friday before the 2004 election by our favorite 6 foot Saudi aided his re-election. Thanks Bin Landen you jackass, thanks for our double dose of misery; your reign of supposed terror and helping Bush and his reign of tomfoolery as he drives this wonderful country into the friggin dark ages! What a thinker our Pres is: From the article: “I thought it was going to help,” he decided. “I thought it would help remind people that if bin Laden doesn’t want Bush to be the president, something must be right with Bush.” So whatever BL says you’ll endorse the opposite viewpoint, oh what logic!

World’s Most Downloaded Podcast – Ricky Gervais from the Office!

Christ, Christ and triple Christ on a bike …. how did I miss this! It seems that our mate Ricky Gervais from the British version of the hit TV series The Office has a friggin podcast and it was just awarded the most downloaded podcast in the Guiness Book of World Records! I insist that you all subscribe to this Podcast at once and I wonder how many more hits he’ll get now the new is out? Here is his website and here is a list of his Top 10 TV sitcoms.

The Laughing Goat Cafe – is Penny Lane back?

Since the demise of the Penny Lane Coffee House in August of 2005 there’s been a void in the Boulder coffee house scene. It’s not that the new ones that have sprung up aren’t nice; Allisons The Cup is cute and Folsom Street Coffee has great seating and nice free off street parking. It’s the […]

Native OS X Applications – all 17000 of them!

Next time someone tells you that there’s very little software for the Mac take a look at this website – 17,322 Native OS X Applications . Sure there are more programs for XP but 117,322 or so programs for the Mac is not too shabby. Here’s a little jewel that I found for you tea […]

Windows to Mac switching in the workplace – What to do when your boss says “NO!”

Here’s a quick and dirty guide to using a mac at work in a windows environment. When your network guru is a windows only wanker and is too lazy to spend an hour or so adding to his skill-set and making himself more marketable simply follow the steps and links in the article below. You […]

My first DJ gig – Wendy’s Valentine’s Day Party

So I’ve always fancied the DJ life style, in the dj booth, jumping up and down to the beats, vinyl in hand, while the crowd below rages on through the night. Ok, it did turn out exactly like that: replace the DJ booth with a rickedy old table that I should of thrown out a long time ago, vinyl with mp3s and the raging with more of an ebb and flow!

New “Really Nasty” Virus set to hit on Feb. 3rd 2006!

Back up all your files people as a new nasty virus is due to hit on FEB 3rd 2006. It’s really nasty in that it will delete all word docs and more. You probably all know about it and have backed up your documents and important data right? 🙂