The Beatles are on iTunes! Buy Beatles Music in 2 easy steps!

Finally after years of lawsuits and legal wrangling Apple Computer Inc and the company that owns the rights to The Beatles music, Apple Corps have come to an agreement to bring the entire Beatles music library to the iTunes music store. Sure they were available on other online places like Amazon but iTunes has 90% of the online music market so this is actually quite a big deal. This is particularly exciting for Beatles fans as the entire music collection was essentially re-recorded (re-mastered) on September 9, 2009. I have both some older mp3 and newer re-mastered recording and you can actually hear the difference.

So true to the title of the article here are the 2 easy steps to buy The Beatles Music on iTunes. 1) click the banner below 2) You’ll be whisked to the iTunes music store where you can buy a single Beatles track, Album or Box set.

(If you’d like to give this music as a gift then check out this article I wrote on how to gift music by buying an iTunes Gift Card online.

iTunes & App Store

If you just like a few of the fab fives songs then individual tracks can be had for $1.29. Beatles Albums with iTunes LP are around $12.99 and the entire digital box set is just $149. Not only are the songs included in the LP format but you can go into a rich, HTML 5 interface to listen to the songs, browse through pictures, and watch mini documentaries. The tracks are DRM free so you can copy them to as many devices as you like, even non Apple device that support the playback of AAC.

The Box Set on iTunes includes the following Albums: