Mystery number 402-935-7733 and PayPal charge on bank account – relax!

So skimming our credit card transaction I came across the following:

Purchase / PAYPAL *FAIRCHILDFI 402-935-7733 CA Date ………

Scam or legit charge!

What…. I have a PayPal account but don’t recall using it to pay $160 x 2 so decided to dig a little deeper.

There are numerous alarmist articles on the interwebs about the phone number, 402-935-7733. Well, it turns out that it belongs to PayPal and they’ve had the same number for at least 10 years!! You think the alarmists would have realized that by now!? This transaction simply is a record of someone you paid via your credit card and who used PayPal as their payment processor – you personally don’t need to have a PayPal account to see this charge on your credit card statement.

So it’s really just a legit charge, in my case made by my better half. I was confused as I sometime pay via PayPal and didn’t recall making this charge – it was to a running coach for our two little money sucking buggers aka kids!

click bait at best!