Compact fluorescents (CFL) – A Republican Rant but he’s correct

Came across this video on the interwebs. I’ve basically known this fact for a while now, Compact Flourescents (CF) contain mercury and if you break the bulb or one dies you can’t just throw it in the trash. Perhaps the EPA jumped on the CF bandwagon too soon. This video of a Texas Republican Senator is amusing but at the same time highlights some important points about these little twisty bulbs.

Don’t tell the ranting Senator but there is a simple solution and if we make enough of then the price will come down dramatically. The good old LED. Any lighting guru / Architect will tell you it’s the light of the future, lower wattage than CF bulbs, instant on and it’ll last for 15 years or more vs CF’s 4 years. BUT today they are prohibitively expensive. Let’s work on solutions to fix problem and not ones that while appearing to fix a problem, create new sets of problems.