Call from 619-582-3399 – The Company is Secured Health – cellphone spammers!!

Just got a call from a cell phone spammer. I pressed 1 to speak to someone to get me off their list and the nice gentleman hung up on me. Well, you know what happens when they do that – the wrath of will follow. Here is what I’ve been able to come up with on these lowlife.

Secured Health Care Services
120 Roswell Dr
Valdosta, GA 31601-7006 map
Phone: (229) 247-7483

This comment was made on this site that also writes on their antics:

The company that calls soliciting from 619-582-3399 is a healthcare broker called Secured Health. Their phone number is 800-82-3995 and the manager is John Azitto and Allen Calizte. They are rude and belligerent when asking them to have my number taken off the list.

Enough of this harrassment! It’s not illegal to be rude on the phone, but it is illegal for them to telemarket your cell phone number. You can file a complaint to the FCC about these jerks at
Caller: Secured Health
Call Type: Telemarketer

How you can fight back

Go to and fill out a complaint.