Body language – how to tell if someone likes you.

In the same vein of the book entitled “How to make someone like you in 90 seconds or less” check out this article by David Givens. According to this anthropologist who studies mating and dating there are 4 sure signs that someone is attracted to you when you first meet them. Check out the article above or memorize the cheat sheet below that lists each signal:

  1. Lifted shoulders:, this indicates that a person has activated what biologists call the cute response.
  2. Pigeon Toes: no, she wasn’t in special ed. in high school – she/he is into you asshole!
  3. “The Palm Reveal”: shows potential interest. Palm down, less friendly. (Hairy palm = bad, too much time in front of computer!)
  4. Forehead Bow: This is a biggie, may indicate possible biblical relations are in your future for you both!!

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Ok, so that’s all there is to it, watch out for the signs and good luck! Here is my list of four subtle signs of attraction (by Dr Richard of :

  1. Nakedness: especially if you’re naked as well. Do not confuse this with say a horrible natural disaster or a robbery in which the thief robbed you and others of their clothes.
  2. She or he is sitting on your lap: This may indicate that the person likes you but if you’re clutching a fist full of dollar bills in one hand may indicate otherwise.
  3. Protrusions/Bulges:This is one for the ladies and no, it’s not a banana in his pocket even if he tells you it is!
  4. Loud references to God or Jesus: Prefixed by the words “OH” or suffixed by “YES” or “quicker/faster” may indicate a certain level of attraction.

Here is another article from the BBC on non verbal communication.

Feel free to comment on this article below or to send me your own list of 4 signs of attraction! Yes, make it as silly as possible if you want or the more serious types among you may want to actually list something you think is a sign of attraction and that is not listed above.