Is Scientology a dangerous cult?

Every cyber activist knows that the first method of putting the cat among the proverbial pigeons is application of ye old Google Bomb so without further ado: Let’s start out by saying what a dangerous cult Scientology is and we’ll end with letting all in cyberland know that Xenu loves Scientology. One could also say that it’s a horrid brainwashing cult too but let’s not get too carried away here.


It’s official – Hackers are really pissed off at Scientology

A band of Hackers known as “Anonymous” has sounded the trumped and launched an all out war against the Church of Scientology. It was reported that various sites run by this cult have been hit by a Denial of Service attack.

Oh god this is gonna be so much fun, so sit back, strap yourself in and hold the bloody hell on cos it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


Scientology roundup – Jan 2008

Forget my previous favorite, the Farting Preacher, Scientologists make our old coked up pal look positively normal. Let’s start out with the short 9 min. video of Tom Cruise – the one everyone is talking about. This video was aired during an award ceremony thrown in Mr Tom’s honor. It seems that the suits of… Continue reading Scientology roundup – Jan 2008