Boulder Naked Pumpkin Run 2008

Just got home for the 2008 Boulder Naked Pumpkin Run. We shot some great interviews and the run as usual was excellent with many more revelers lining the mall to view the naked spectacle than last year. Also don’t forget to check out the Naked Pumpkin Run Interviews, we has a star studded cast that included Jesus, Borat and a jolly Priest.

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The Music ….

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The Rant, save the Pumpkin 12!

All went well until the end of the run which was at our usual spot in front of the courthouse on Pearl St. A large number of Boulder Police offers were on hand and they pulled out some of the runners and ticked them, absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.

A woman was gang raped some 14 hours before and what were Boulder’s finest doing, out catching the crooks? NO, they were harassing innocent, tax paying citizens! A crowd of onlooker surround the police as they issued the tickets and started chanting “Let them go, let them go”. I felt this was reckless behavior on the Police’s part as a boisterous crowd surrounded the cops as they were issuing the tickets, it would of only taken one drunken reveler to start a riot. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Police hater and these officers were only carrying out orders from on high but the angry crowd did make me nervous at one point and I don’t get scared easily.

I thing we should all call and complain about this preposterous behavior. Someone’s head should roll for this bullshit and why in gods name were so many officers on hand when gang rapists are still roaming the streets of Boulder!! Police Chief Mark Beckner start working on your resume chump. Boulder Police Department, where does the money come from that pays your salaries …. hmmmm taxes perhaps. Under Colorado state law 18-7-302 indecent exposure is a class 1 misdemeanor and if a judge wants to prove a point, the runners ticketed would be required to register with the Colorado sex offender registry.

I was present at the customary pumpkin carving party before the run and got to interview a lot of the party goers. This was not some frat house piss up. Sure there were a handful of what looked like college aged chaps but the vast majority of people were regular folks like myself, teachers, small business owners, working professionals out to have a good time in this great place we know as Boulder, CO. I am hoping we can get a large group of protesters present at the trial AND I will be informing my contacts at CNN so we can get some great coverage. It’s a shame that the only coverage the Boulder Police Department gets is for bumbled murder cases and nonsense like this.

Ok, I’ll stop my rant now, but this is really the last straw, first the cruiser ride, now this, what next??