Why I dumped GoDaddy & Switched to Name.com

Being a web developer I’ve always needed an easy and cheap way to register domain names for my clients. In the yesteryears of the inter webs there was Network Solutions who charged an arm and a leg for a domain but along came Godaddy with $9 domains – WOW!

Godaddy’s service was OK I guess but I was always annoyed by the constant attempt to up sell – when you buy a domain name you have to navigate a labyrinth of offers on badly designed webpages before you get to the final checkout page – very annoying.

Then came Elephantgate – see the Huffington Post Story here. CEO Bob Parson went elephant hunting in Zimbabwe in order to help out some local african’s who had a problem elephant that was trampling their crops. I’ll leave it to the reader to pass judgement but for me this was a great time to look around for an alternative to Godaddy. I read an article on Lifehacker about the top alternatives to Godaddy.

My prerequisite was for a good domain registrar was:

  • None Elephant Hunting CEO – I admire Bob Parsons but this episode really pissed me off
  • Local or at least US based tech support – I want to pick up a phone and speak to someone who’s not in a far off land
  • Offer domain names and hosting for my Drupal & WordPress Sites
  • Competent tech support
  • After some research I decided to try Name.com – to my delight they were actually based right here in Denver, CO. I registered a new domain for a new biz as a little test all went smoothly – God, it was lovely to not have all those bloody pages to click through just to buy a silly $9 domain name! I was also easily able to point their DNS server to my web server, something that was pretty cryptic using Godaddy. I also called the company and actually spoke to a real persons who was located right here in sunny Colorado and we had a nice little chat about what they offer and their hosting plans. They did indeed offer in addition to domain names hosing and provided Wordresss and Drupal sites too – another plus.

    So I’ll be switching all my 20 odd domain names to NAME.com as soon as they come up for expiration and I’ll be plugging these guys too and using them to host my clients who need a web hosting service for WordPress and Drupal sites I build.

    So give then a try! I’d say they have similar prices to Godaddy but the site is a hundred times easier to use! They have .com domain names at the same price as go daddy $9.99 and web hosting with WordPress and Drupal sites from $5pm – Click here here to see their lovely simply laid out website and their competitively priced services

    Ethics statement: I signed up to Name.com affiliate program and I receive a small percentage of each sale via the links on my website – mylittleportal.com. I actually found Name.com and did my research before I realized they had an affiliate program so I am confident that this is a great alternative to Godaddy. I would of posted this article without an affiliate program so go ahead and check them out.