South African Flag, not the Amtrak logo silly

I remember how a friend once asked me if the funny multi colored sticker I had on the back of my car was the Amtrak logo. Before I comment on their transgression let’s take a look at the two items in question.

Firstly, here is the (old) Amtrak logo:

Now here is the South African Flag:

As you can see they are different but now you mention it I can see some similarities. I’m sure if I asked a patriotic American if that funny stripy starry bumper sicker on the back of their car was some type of corporate logo they’d also get a little miffed too. Then again, if I didn’t know what the bloody US flag looked like then Houston, we may have a problemo! But thanks to the power Al Gores Internets you now know the difference. Fascinating, quite fascinating!