OS X scroll through Apps and Windows within Apps- Command tab and Command Tilde

Every user of a personal computer knows that the easiest way to switch between programs is by pressing and holding down the Command key (Also know as Apple key ) and then pressing Tab key as many times it take to get to the required application. This is similar to the ALT tab key strokes on windows.

An annoyance is OS X is that is that these keys cycle through applications only not open windows within those application. So say you have two Word documents open and you Command Tab to Safari to check on your Apple stock then Command Tab back to Word to work on the other document you will by default be back to the document you were just working on not the other document. To get to this other document you select it from the Window menu. This can get quite annoying when you have a ton of Word documents open and are use to Command Tabbing around like a Command Tabbing fool! Well, the good news is that you can switch between windows in an application by liberal use of the Command Tilde keys. The Tilde key is above the tab key so in the senario above once you Command Tabbed back to Word you’d Command Tilde to the other word document. Wow, it’s that easy and this is also new to me after being some what of a OS X power user for over a year and a half.

You can also switch between Applications and Application Windows at the same time by using but this requires a mouse and I like using keys to switch between windows and apps. So off you go then and get Command Tabbin and Tildering.