Map GPS Coordinates to Maps online

Just found out a nifty way to map a GPS point online. You can use MS’s terraserver found here. Look at the bottom left of this page and you’ll see a field to enter latitude and longitude. This value should be in a decimal format so if you have say 109 mins and 30 secs of Longitude you’ll have to divide the seconds by 60 to get it into the correct format for Terra server to play nice. The correct Longitude format is then 109.5 . It appears to work fine although the maps returned are topo like and not street maps like ones you will find at

Now for google. Tis a little more complicated, you have to enter the data in the URL – here is an example:,-109.456

It’s basically in the format of,long. You can also add some kool things like display all the pizza joints in that area. See all the features of this jewel in see this article on wikipidea.