How to report an an abusive user on YouTube

I just received a nasty comment on one of my videos on YouTube and boy and I mad. Well now it’s time for sweet sweet justice. I don’t mind constructive criticism or someone using bad language but when it’s hate speech, harassment or a privacy violation I think we have a right to report the person in question and get them booted.

Just ignoring them always an option and sometimes the best but for the really really nasty personal comments then I believe one should get the wanker taken off YouTube for good! The problem is that YouTube doesn’t really want you to contact them to report users it seems (or makes it difficult to do so), I spent a good 15 mins looking for a way and ended up going into the forums to find the link below.

So, here is the magic hidden link, use it wisely my friend 🙂

Click here to report hate speech, harassment or privacy violations