Dog and Elk meet – dog lives!

For those how don’t know, Elk are big, much bigger than your standard Colorado Deer. They also have the added advantage of those pointy things sticking out of their head. Last winter my Siberian found one while out we were out on a run, it was standing up eating and pooch, making his usual ruff ruff noise, trotted up to it, for a closer look. Elk was not happy and put his head down and did a little “keep your distance” charge towards dog. Dog, backed off, Elk dropped head and continued grazing until dog made ruff sound and attempted to get closer again, then the whole dance happen again. This went on for quite a while. I kept my distance too as I’ve heard Elk can get a little pissy sometimes. Eventually Elk trots off down the hillside and dog follows but just for a bit so we all lived happily ever after.

But in below similar beasts can be seen but the outcome is a little more cozy and, it was shot just up the road in Loveland, Co. Enjoy and I’ll probably feature this on the next installment of the “Internet Video Show” (for the impatient among you forward to 1:39 to see some real animal on animal love)