Daily Camera end story commenting – but comment are open here!

Boo Daily Camera! Boo!!
Boo Daily Camera! Boo!!

Online bullies and old white retired men everywhere are a little pissed off today as they’ll have to look elsewhere to post their comment about the Boulder City Council or the infamous rightsizing project,  a global scandal that will go down in history books as one of man’s biggest blunders. I too am a little sad.

Here is a:  link to the article on the Daily Camera

From the camera article:

We indeed have seen times when there are good comments and reasonable discussions of issues in the comment sections — intended to be a sort of virtual town square of reasoned, rational, calm debate. Yes, commenters also have graciously pointed out errors that we’ve then corrected. And some have given us additional story angles and ideas to pursue, which enabled us to better serve you, our readers.

And in some ways the comments were what contained the meat of the articles  where anything over a couple of hundred words has long gone and the poor buggers at The Camera are probably getting paid min wage and have to live in Boulder.  More from the Camera.

The vast majority of the time, the comments are dominated by a small group of people, most posting anonymously, and who, frankly, tend to simply shout down or ridicule any opposing view. Commonly, our comments sections are filled with vitriol, personal attacks, profanity, and angry and hateful speech — and worse, unfortunately.

That is not acceptable.

While I can agree on the small group of folks commenting, don’t they have jobs to go to, are we not throwing out the baby with the bathwater here?

So I’m going to miss comments from the crazy retired right wing blokes with their Berkshire Hathaway portfolios and Mad Money blaring in the background as they type away, the homeless guy who supposedly left his dead mother’s body to rot while he collected her social security checks and the other colorful characters that made for some entertaining reading and the crazy cyclists who bike everyday of the year and want me to ditch my gas guzzling V8. But it demonstrates the dangers off too much democracy when it comes to the inter webs and how anyone with an IP address can post anything about anyone (well at least in the US). No, I don’t have answers regarding online commenting, the interwebs but I always love to quote that silly bugger Rodey King – “can’t we just all get along!”. And just to let you know where I stand on some of the issues: I’d love to see a generous one way bus ticked system to rid the city of our transient problem, right sizing wasn’t as bad as you all made it out to be, compared to where I am currently living for the summer (Germany) we do live in Police nanny state and we  do need to have some rules and regulation (piss off and go live in Somalia if you don’t like rules or any form of Government). There, that’s my OPINION and like arse holes we all have em and you know the rest. Question is how do we present them in a decent manner. Well this is my silly irrelevant blog and I can say what I within the law or probably anything I want period if I know how to work the Tor’s, VPNs, non proxies and offshore hosing services.

So to show you that I’m a good sport I’ll be opening up the comments sections of this post. Yes I have my sys admins  standing by, my anti DOS firewalls and a team of low paid but highly educated Indian staff to monitor and perhaps delete the ones I don’t – like  24/7. So go for it blokes, let’s see if we can’t go at it one last time. Gonna miss you all, really 🙂 🙂


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