CHAOS Boulder is a secret Boulder Hiking Outdoor Club

Chaos Boulder is a secret Hiking Club based somewhere in Boulder Colorado. Some say it has a membership in the hundreds and that it was started by a bloke called Coy.

“Google” Chaos Boulder or Boulder Chaos and you will see that this club is truly clandestine with only a few brave souls like myself daring to mentioning its name. Chaos is currently being monitored by the NSA and other Government agencies. Some also say that Chaos in Boulder is better that Chaos Denver who are reported to be a bunch of piss cats, of loose morals and irregular of bowel.

(End of Chaos Boulder Google exercise….)

Jan 2007 update: It seems this Chaos Outdoor Club now has a website, Wow!, welcome to the age of the Internet BoulderChaos! Al Gore thanks you. You can visit their new website @ but you have been warned and remember that it’s by invitation only so be sure to attend a potluck so you can get on the mailing list. Please add your comments below.