Back up your data!

If you know me then you’ll have heard my rant about always backing up your data. Here is a story of how one poor woman lost the thesis that she had been working on for almost 7 years! Seems that she kept her only copy on a tiny zip drive in here purse and when her purse was stolen she really was up shits creek. With a little detective work she remarkably managed to find it in the end. Here is the story and perhaps it will make you go out and buy a pack of CD-Rs or blank Dvds and make a few backups! (Perhaps I should also write up a mini tutorial on how to make backups ???)

Here is the story from the Washington Post.

I know of a similar story where my good friend and old boss at Freespeech Brian Drolet had his laptop the attached external backup drive swiped out of a recording studio in NYC – ouch! From know of think of your data and it’s backup being like Sodium and water. You don’t want the one to be anywhere near the other (if you don’t remember what happens when you mix the two, let me take you back to high school chemisty class with this video!) (See this great article on what happens when you throw a larger chunk of sodium into a kiddy pool!)