Asbestosis & Mesothelioma Lawyers in Houston, San Diego & California – Info page – fun with Adwords & Adsense

Messing about with Adwords and high value keywords so it’s Asbestos Lawyer Resource Page, Houston Mesothelioma Lawyer, San Diego Mesothelioma Lawyer and California Mesothelioma Lawyer. Theory is that you write a informational article on a subject that contains hight value keywords, keywords that cost the bidders lots of money to bid on. Your pages now contain ads that are based on this keywords and if a visitors clicks on any of then you get paid out a higher than normal amount due to the fact that the bidders are paying up to $30 or $40 per click.

Of course the pages you create need to be useful and be spidered and displayed in the search results so it’s not a home run. The fact that these keywords are so valuable makes it that more difficult to get your pages in the top 10 of google. There have been a few article written on the topic of hight value keywords so check the interwebs for them. I will report back on my results in a few weeks.

Why Asbestos & Mesothelioma Lawyers in Houston, California and San Deigo ?????

Use the Google Adwords Suggestion Tool to look up the keywords. Once you have a list of keywords make sure you display the column “Estimated Avg. CPC” – hint you can enable it in the “Choose columns to display” pulldown menu. Now you’ll be able get a good idea of how much some poor bastards are paying for each keyword 🙂 – the more they pay the more you will get paid (in theory). The lawyer thing makes sense; every click is a potential client and every client may get a nice payout of a couple of million dollars with the law firm getting a tasty cut of this, often hundreds of thousands of dollars. So each sale is worth a lot more than the average Adwords bidders widget hence the hight cost to bid on these keywords.