Dog Walking & Sitting in Boulder – It’s a Dog’s Life

I’m helping my good friend Peggy Lloyd drum up some more business via the interwebs. Peggy, the undisputed dog walking queen of Boulder, has had her dog walking business, “It’s a Dog’s Life” for the past 14 years. Here’s her pitch:

I’ve been in the dog walking business for the past 14 years and this is the first time I’ve ever advertised. I love walking dogs and most of the dogs I walk have been under my care for most of their lives. I also occasionally take a dog into my home for a few days while their owner is away. I have one dog that thinks he’s gone on vacation when he comes for an overnight stay and he loves my dog Bianca too! I have lots of great references so give me a call, especially if you live within a half-mile of downtown Boulder. I can be reached at 303-442-5755.

Peggy Ann Lloyd

The good old days, remember dial-up internet access?

Trying to get a friend’s old laptop online – the beast is running windows 98 with no wifi or ethernet cable. I toyed with the ideal of throwing in an old PCMCIA wifi card but a Windows 98 machine permanently connected to the intewebs is a security nightmare waiting to happen.

So how to connect the old clunker to the net – dialup, yes our old pal dialup. So I complied a little article on free dialup access / dialup internet ISPs over at Thrifty Buddha, a new project I have been working on. So if you still have a landline and want to get that old computer online consider using one of the free ISPs listed above.

YouTube HD – 720p at last!

Here is a YouTube HD video example. Shot with Canon HV30 in 24p. Dog in snow!

(Note to get footage to embed in HD add this suffix to your URLs &fmt=22) – Also note that you’ll need a pretty powerful, newish computer to view the video without it stuttering and may older computers will not be able to play the footage above at all 🙁

How to report an an abusive user on YouTube

I just received a nasty comment on one of my videos on YouTube and boy and I mad. Well now it’s time for sweet sweet justice. I don’t mind constructive criticism or someone using bad language but when it’s hate speech, harassment or a privacy violation I think we have a right to report the person in question and get them booted.

Just ignoring them always an option and sometimes the best but for the really really nasty personal comments then I believe one should get the wanker taken off YouTube for good! The problem is that YouTube doesn’t really want you to contact them to report users it seems (or makes it difficult to do so), I spent a good 15 mins looking for a way and ended up going into the forums to find the link below.

So, here is the magic hidden link, use it wisely my friend 🙂

Click here to report hate speech, harassment or privacy violations