Tweaking the DD-WRT for WRT54GL

My trusty Linksys WRT54GL router is modded with the DD-WRT firmware. This tweak supposedly turns you $60 router into a $600 router by adding certain features such as the ability to run the router as a hot spot device for an internet cafe, the ability to turn up the power and lots of other goodies.

After installing the updated software on your router you’re left with a nice interface and lots of variables to tweak. And tweak I did cos somewhere along the slippery slope of excess tweaking without know what the bloody hell I was actually changing I managed to slow down my WIFI connection. So here are some notes on how to check you WIFI connection speed out and what to tweak or in my case untweak so as to get a decent throughput back.

My biggest problem appeared to be that my connection Rate appear to vary between 11Mbps ad 24Mbps. You can check you s at Status > Wireless. I noted that someone was having the same problems in this post where someone suggest turning down the Transmit power that I had set to full!! So I turned it down to 110mw (It can be set at Wireless > Advanced Settings) and now I’m seeing a reading of 54Mbps. This I’m sure is not a truly accurate reflection of the actual speed but YouTube videos appear to be play and load better now. I also was playing around with Afterburner, this hosed my WIFI connection and I had to connect with LAN cable.

So in summary, don’t mess with the default setting unless you know what you are doing!

Technorati, ping and Authority + EIR APR credit cards

Messing about with technorati and I am hoping to get an article I wrote about APR and EIR regarding credit Cards pinged. So we shall see, perhaps getting authority is easy??

Thanks to this guys articel. Ping back at you mate!

……. end of ping test.
over and out.

Boulder Spring Leaf Clean up 2008 dates

I was searching for Spring Clean-up details 2008 and after quite a bit of searching and frustration I came across the info – here it is. Happy leaf clean-up & hopefully this will be easier to find than html page that’s presently hard to find.

Spring Clean-up begins Monday, April 28

For more information about possible changes to Spring Clean-up, visit the city’s Environmental Affairs Web site at or call the Spring Clean-up hotline at 303-448-2282. Call for updates on completed sections and completed areas within section, or visit Western’s Site here to access a PDF map showing completed areas.

The city of Boulder’s organicsonly Spring Clean-up begins Monday, April 28. Leaves, grass clippings and tree branches will be picked up curbside; nonorganic materials will not be picked up. All organic material collected during Spring Clean- up is composted or made into mulch and will be available to the public in May.

Dates for the pickup are:

April 28 to May 2 — Center section: north side of Baseline Road to south side of Mapleton Avenue;

May 5 to May 16 — North section: north side of Mapleton Avenue to north city limits (including Gunbarrel); and

May 19 to May 31 — South section: south side of Baseline Road to south city limits.

Leaves and grass clippings should be placed loosely at the curb or in paper bags; plastic bags will not be accepted. Tree branches must be cut into lengths no more than six feet long and six inches in diameter. Materials should be placed at the curb no more than one week in advance of your neighborhood’s pickup date. Bike lanes must be kept clear. A special drop-off site will be available during Spring Clean-up at the old Colorado Brickyard site located on 63rd Street between Arapahoe and Valmont roads. During Spring Clean-up city streets will be swept. Residents are encouraged to park off-street during the week their area is picked up to allow street sweepers to reach the curb line.
Additionally, to help further the city’s waste reduction goals and budget options, the city is in the process of studying the current Spring Clean-up operations. Results from the two curbside composting collection pilot projects are being evaluated to determine future improvements to the city’s organics programs.

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