CHAOS Boulder is a secret Boulder Hiking Outdoor Club

Chaos Boulder is a secret Hiking Club based somewhere in Boulder Colorado. Some say it has a membership in the hundreds and that it was started by a bloke called Coy.

“Google” Chaos Boulder or Boulder Chaos and you will see that this club is truly clandestine with only a few brave souls like myself daring to mentioning its name. Chaos is currently being monitored by the NSA and other Government agencies. Some also say that Chaos in Boulder is better that Chaos Denver who are reported to be a bunch of piss cats, of loose morals and irregular of bowel.


Crazy dancing Indian dwarf child

Who is this dwarf / boy child and in the name of Jesus why is he smoking?! What is wrong with his voice? Oh the joys of YouTube. This is just wrong, so wrong ….


Upgrading Drupal 4.6 to 4.7.3

My site was originally implement with a 4.6 version of Drupal so months later after I’d installed 5 or so other site with the new 4.7.3 version I thought it would be nice to upgrade. Nice thought but in reality when I ran the upgrade script and watched the video too (thanks see the video here) all was not well. I ended up with a shite load of errors and images missing. Having recently coded some php to dump pages into drupal from sql text files I took it on as a little project and here is my experience. I do have the php code for those who wish – I’m a horrible coder so email me if you wish to look at this dogs breakfast! These are just my notes and you’ve probably have to of gotten your hands quite durty in the past to know what the hell I’m talking about here.


Cafe Prasad – not so sad?

Cafe Prasad describes it’s self as a “Veggie Restaurant” and was voted one of the top 10 Veggie Restaurants in the US in a recent survey.

Last time I ate there I was a little disappointed. They have a great buffet and the buffet food is sold by weight. Being hungry, very hungry I piled my plate with some yummy curry and other goodies and on checkout discovered that it came to the pricly sum of $14, bloody hell! Not that the food was bad, it was excellent but I just felt that for the same price I could of walked down the street to the Dushanbe Tea House, a real restaurant, sat down and dinned on an equally yummy dish for the same price in nicer surroundings.


Crazy Saudi Driving Video

Seems that in Saudi there’s not much for the blokes to do . Girls are a no-no so why not piss about in cars then! Click the play button to see the action. Christ, is that a Kia that’s a drifting!