Month: September 2006

  • CHAOS Boulder is a secret Boulder Hiking Outdoor Club

    Chaos Boulder is a secret Hiking Club based somewhere in Boulder Colorado. Some say it has a membership in the hundreds and that it was started by a bloke called Coy. “Google” Chaos Boulder or Boulder Chaos and you will see that this club is truly clandestine with only a few brave souls like myself…

  • Crazy dancing Indian dwarf child

    Who is this dwarf / boy child and in the name of Jesus why is he smoking?! What is wrong with his voice? Oh the joys of YouTube. This is just wrong, so wrong ….

  • Upgrading Drupal 4.6 to 4.7.3

    My site was originally implement with a 4.6 version of Drupal so months later after I’d installed 5 or so other site with the new 4.7.3 version I thought it would be nice to upgrade. Nice thought but in reality when I ran the upgrade script and watched the video too (thanks see the…

  • Cafe Prasad – not so sad?

    Cafe Prasad describes it’s self as a “Veggie Restaurant” and was voted one of the top 10 Veggie Restaurants in the US in a recent survey. Last time I ate there I was a little disappointed. They have a great buffet and the buffet food is sold by weight. Being hungry, very hungry I piled…

  • Crazy Saudi Driving Video

    Seems that in Saudi there’s not much for the blokes to do . Girls are a no-no so why not piss about in cars then! Click the play button to see the action. Christ, is that a Kia that’s a drifting!