Linksys WRT54GL Wireless Router

If you’re looking for a nice wifi router I recommend the Linksys WRT54GL – it runs Linux and is very stable and tweakable. I just ordered one (June 06) and have been using the older (discontinued) model, the WRT54G for the past 3 years. There is also a $10 mail in rebate valid until 8/15/06.


The Farting Preacher

Holy smokes! I found this video on google video – Warning, DO NOT drink and watch this video at the same time, I was laughing so much I almost choked on my coffee. For those curious among you, it seems that the Farting Preacher one Robert Tilton was a right rotten bastard, instructing his employees […]

Smoking Gub – A Political News Magazine

Smoking Gub is a Political News Magazine produced and hosted by Rob Smoke. This is the first 28 minute (pilot) show produced in May 2006. My company, Jacana Productions, did the editing/Post Production work. Click the play button located at the bottom left of the black box below to watch the video.


Fix a frozen iPod

This has happened to me at least on one occasion and it’s a common problem, after all an ipod is a mini computer and computer do lock up from time to time!


The bloody things doesn’t respond to your nubs or you plugging it into a computer.


If you’re lucky a simple hard reset is all that is needed. How:

1) Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Slide it to Hold, then turn it off again.) It’s the little switch on top on your ipod.