Canon MF4350d Printer on OSx Lion issues – try this!

Ok so this didn’t work for me in the end although it appeared to work so try but bear this in mind – we bought an outdated, old, good printer with shitty drivers and canon is to blame. Just donate this hunk of plastic to a windows user. I now have the printer running off a PC and when the cartridge is empty it’s going to the big printer place in the sky!

This is from a post I made on the apple support forums and I used this “thanks to user PAHU” to fix my Lion / MF4350d problems. Took me days to figure it out! Stupid stupid big and clunky printer, waste of time and space. I will NOT get any printers in future that is not natively supported by OSX !!!!


I was unable to print, installing new drivers, installing the again failed or seem to work but I ended up with error messages such as “The printed output may be incorrect because the printer information has not been acquired. Start Printer Utility to get the printer information.”

I fixed the problem by REMOVING and reinstalling the Canon Printer Driver !

1) Open Print & Fax, select the MF4350 entry and press the minus button to remove the printer

2) Open Finder and navigate to
[Mac HD]/Library/Printers/Canon and delete the UFR2 folder
Still in Finder, navigate to
[Mac HD]/Library/LaunchAgents and delete the file

3) Still in Finder, navigate to (This was what I had not tried before and was the problem !!! ) >>>>> [Mac HD]/Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources and delete all the files showing CNTD***Z*2*.ppd.gz Where *** indicates a character string that represents the printer model, and *2* indicates a character string that represents the corresponding language, most likely US for your region.

The last action is to open Activity Monitor and locate UFR2 Backgrounder. Select it and then select Force Quit. (it may not quite but try to remove it anyway)

!!! REBOOT !!!!! Also turn off printer and turn it back on again

Check to see if the process UFR2 Backgrounder is not running via Activity Monitor.

Download drivers LION !! and install afresh!!

Here is a fresh link to the driver page –