iPhone 3G cracked screen repair / replacement – fixed for $12

Dropping your iPhone 3G on a concrete floor is a sure way to crack the glass screen and just past two years of ownership this was the fate that betook my little white Jesus phone. If you run down to your local Apple store you’ll find out that Steve charges the pricly sum of $190 to fix the little bugger; hardly worth it given the second hand value of the device is around the same amount!!

Getting SMS Spam from 718-451-6483

I’ve been getting SMS spam from 718-451-6483, offering me free gift cards from Wal-Mart and Vista. The Spammers ask you to dial a 1800 number – 866-869-2132 & 877-764-7977.

I called both numbers and one said their company was “American Auto” and the other “SMS surveys”. The guy told me I’d filled out an online survey and that’s how they’d gotten my number!