Spammer / Fraudster beware of

This CL spammer is at it again: (

Here is my dealings with him: In Response to a CL posting of a iPhone 3GS he replied with an email with spam links:

Sorry I sold it.. but I ordered them from suppliers I found from .. they have much cheaper prices than

sorry again but check that website I hope it helps.


Sent from my iPhone 3GS.

Godaddy Promo Codes 2010- Go Daddy discount codes save up to 30% on domain name renawals!!!

Here is a list of Discount / Promo codes for Godady (Go Daddy) as of July 2010. Simply order your domain and at the final state of checkout there is a field towards the bottom that says “If you have a promo or source code enter it here:”. Simply cut and paste the promo code below into this field.


2010 Codes – just used the first one, YES3 on July 15th 2010 and it worked

For Domains:
QUEEN3 – 30% off .com domain names (works on RENEWALs)
YES3 – 30% off .com domain names
YES1 – 10% off any order
YES2 – $5 off an order of $30 or more

$ Discount by Order Size:
$30 or more : MIN2 – $5 off
$40 or more : YESOFF – $10 off

% Discount by Order Size:
10% Off: MIN1 – any order size
15% Off : YES15 – $75 or more

For Hosting:
YES20 – 20% off a 1yr or greater hosting plan
MIN1 – 10% off a month to month plan

For Auctions:
AUCTION12 – 50% off a subscription

For SSL:
YESSSL – $12.99 SSL account (usually $30)

UK Specific Coupons
For Domains:
QUEEN3 – 30% off .com domain names

% Discount by Order Size:
10% Off: QUEEN1 – any order size
20% Off : UKTOP9 – 35 pounds or more
25% Off : UKTOP251 – 65 pounds or more

Other UK Specific:
FANSSL : 12.99 SSL
FAN20 : 20% Off Hosting


Die Antwoord – South African Rap – buy songs here!

I’m putting this little page together for an Afrikaans rap outfit called “Die Antwoord”. In english the bands name means “The Answer”. I first came across them in a video interview on Boing Boing. Can’t say I’m a big rap fan but there is something so real about these guys – they are incredible. The lead singer Ninza could be Morrisseys younger brother, the girl Yo-Landi in the band looks like she’s 14 years old and progeria sufferer Leon Botha presence in the video makes the entire performance unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

You can preview the tracks on iTunes by hitting the link below – support the band and buy a track or two – hell it only costs 99c!!:

5 – EP – Die Antwoord

Here is their first hit from 2009 – Ninja:

Another short video called Zef Side (close your eyes at 1:11 into the video as there is some serious jiggling of Ninja’s family vegetable going on!):

Another Interview from Amoeba Records