Glenwood Springs mini vacation on the Calfornia Zephyr

The following is a trip report on a mini vacation I took with my parents to Glenwood Springs on Jan 8th and 9th 2008. I’d always wanted to ride in a train across the Rockies so a trip to Glenwood Springs and back from Denver sounded like a great way to get the train experience […]

Richard’s Crazy Arab Driving YouTube Video Compilation

Below is a series of videos featuring crazy Arab Driving from YouTube. Videos include driving an SUV on just two wheels, a car full of people casually drifting through rush hour traffic and some blokes skating on the public highway wearing nothing more than standard issue arab sandals! What makes these crazy examples so hoon-a-liscous […]

All things Siberian Husky

All things husky from the Jacana Productions YouTube channel. Featuring the shoplifting dog, husky vs cat and lots of husky play!