Jacana does birdhouses – BirdHouseKing.com, fine art birdhouses

I have just completed a new site for Mitch Erceg, the undisputed BirdHouse King of NJ and possible the world. Mitch, who is 85 years young, builds handcrafted find art birdhouses out of exotic woods so go check out the site as his bird houses are truly amazing.

The site features an online gallery and visitors may buy the birdhouses directly from the website via a high tech online store. His birdhouses are coveted collector items with many famous people owning them including George Bush Senior.

How to see street view on iPhone using Google Maps & 2.2 firmware update

Just updated my iPhones firmware to version 2.2 and I was eager to try out street view, the google maps functionality that lets you view a photograph take from the ground by one of its fancy roaming hi tech vans. After some playing around I discovered that you have to “Drop a pin” first onto […]

Boulder Naked Pumpkin Run 2008 – The Interviews

The pre-run pumpkin carving party is always lots of fun. It’s where participants get to fill up on a little liquid courage and carve the only thing they will be wearing as they run down the Pearl St. Mall. This year I got to pull out the old mic and interview some pumpkin heads. A star studded cast included Jesus, Borat, a priest and a police officer. Warning this video contains adult British humor!