Find and download free MP3 music online with Google

We all know how useful Google is in finding stuff but most of us don’t know that there is much more to Google than meets the eye. To harness the full power of Google you need to speak a special language, special commands you type in the Google search box to expand it’s functionality. I’m going to show you one such string of commands that will command Google to go forth and search the Interwebs for MP3’s, yes free music! I’ll start off by giving you the entire string of commands to instruct google to search for MP3 files.


Introduction to Content Management Systems (CMS) and Drupal

Introduction to Content Management Systems (CMS)

If you ever dabbled in building a website you know how time consuming it can be to build the pages from scratch, especially if you’re hand coding them. Most people will opt to use a website building tool like Adobe’s Dreamweaver or Microdsoft’s Frontpage. Some hosting compnies also offer ways to build website using their web based building tools e.g. Godaddy’s “Website Tonight”.