Month: March 2006

  • When car and tree meet. I’ve got my money on the tree!

    What happens when you hit a tree sideways in an Audi A3 at high speed. Well wonder no longer folks! My money is on the tree and in other pictures posted on the link below the two white sheets by the car show the outcome of this meeting 🙁 The wreck happened in Portugal and…

  • Scooterhinge – A Front Range Rental Hall

    Celebrate your special event at Scooter Hinge – a nostalgic Rental Hall. Scooter Hinge houses over 20 antique and classic motorcycles as well as antique cars. It’s close to Denver, Boulder and Longmont and is located in the hamlet of Mead, CO. To visit the Scooter Hinge website click here now OR call Stan @…

  • MyLittlePortal contact info

    If you feel the need to contact me, use the email address below: Cheers Richard

  • Podcast User Magazine

    The second (PDF/online) issue of Podcast User Magazine has just come out. It’s billed as “45 pages of help, opinion and step-by-step tutorials”. It looks like a great resource and has some well written useful content. Thanks Phil Coyne for this great new resource.